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We help oil and gas companies visualize and integrate their data to create faster, more agile companies.

Velocity Insight is a full-stack, full-function data management and analytics consulting firm. We’re not a software company – we help you get the most out of the tools you already pay for.

We combine three things to enable durable data transformations with our clients: deep O&G expertise, state-of-the-art tools, and real-world experience. With hard-earned oil and gas industry knowledge and experience digging in and implementing better processes, we have the trophies (and scars) to successfully meet our clients where they are.

Your data tells a story.

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Deep O&G Expertise

We already speak your language. We are a team with oil and gas engineering, accounting and operations backgrounds that have sat inside of operating companies large and small, domestic and international, publicly traded and private.

State-of-the-Art Tools

We leverage the right tool for the job. Unlike software vendors, we don’t have conflicts of interest that distort incentives. Whether we are leveraging Cloud solutions or working within your on-prem stack, we never lose sight of the real goal – making your data work for you so you can make decisions.

Real-World Experience

We have the trophies and scars to guide you and your team. Real-world issues like remote operations, regulatory requirements, and complex JIBs are our sweet spots. We are passionate advocates for this industry and love to share our experience to help 21st century operators reach their full potential.
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Our Consulting Services

We know every organization is at a different place in their digitization journey based on history, talent, and need.  Velocity Insight meets you where you are.


Define an overall strategy, understand the architecture and tech stack, and of course, choose the right software.


Move your projects farther, faster. From data integration to software implementation, get to the result quicker.


Work smarter, not harder. Reduce redundancy and increase your team’s capabilities.


Bring your team up to speed, faster. Training services give your team the tools they need to be successful for the long-haul.

Oil and Gas Data Analytics Reports

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Current News

The 2023 Software Survey is now open!

Velocity Insight’s second annual survey is open!  It uncovers trends in oil and gas software with insights on best practices and approaches.  Complete the survey and the final report will be delivered to your inbox late in 2023.

Velocity Insight software survey – Not just anecdotes, but real data.

Power BI Training On Demand

Our Intro to Power BI for Oil & Gas class can now be purchased online! See the detailed curriculum and purchase online at SAGA Widsom.