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BI Launch Pack

Whether you have a blank slate or a 100-year operating history, it can be hard to know where to start.  We can help you take your Business Intelligence to the right place, fast.
Find a solution that works for you.

Building A Launch Pack:

Modern Business Intelligence tools like Power BI and Spotfire hit the sweet spots for modern companies – Better, Cheaper, and Faster.  We have experience with lots of implementations on multiple tools, so we can design, implement, and coach your team with the tools that fit you.  Whether you’re just getting started with a BI solution, switching from their existing solution, or broadening the audience beyond a few power users, you need three things to really get started:


Selection, setup, and configuration

We work with your team to select the right tools, standup things like Power BI Gateway or a Spotfire Library, and get the permissions set up the right way.


Get the first few reports into your hands

We have a growing template library of typical E&P reports for Accounting, Land, Engineering, and other functions, plus experience building dozens of company-specific tools.


Training and coaching so your team can take over

Whether you need a comprehensive in-house training program or just a few hours of coaching, we can meet your needs. We also act as a Tier 2 help desk to augment your front-line IT help desk.

Pick your tool

Which tool is right for me?

We get asked this question about three times a day, and as usual, the answer is “It depends.”  We have deep experience with both Spotfire and Power BI, and love them both for different reasons.  Many companies end up using both, and given that the licenses are so cheap, that may be the right solution for you, too.


When we bundle these components, our work gets more efficient and we can cut costs for you.  A few example scenarios of how we would price these as fixed-fee projects: