What does working with an oil and data consultant cost?


Although every package we design is custom-created for you, we’ve worked with dozens of oil and gas companies on their data analytics. Many follow the same pattern.

Phase 1:

Assessment of the existing technology stack.

The first step is evaluating the technology you are already using and making strategic suggestions. Velocity Insight is software agnostic, so we’ll take a look at the software you’ve already invested in and help you figure out the next best step. Often, this looks like layering on Power BI, but if you use Spotfire, for example, we’ll help you take your investment one step further.


  • Assessment of which part of your technology stack is working for you and what’s not.
  • Strategic advice on which pieces of technology can help your company move forward.
  • An implementation plan to get the data you need into the right hands.

Approximate Cost:


Phase 2:

Building the essentials

With most of the companies they work with, there is one specific report or piece of information they need more than any of the others. When we work with a new oil and gas company, we’ll often start by building out the first 1-2 reports. This strategy has two benefits:

1. You get immediate access to the data analytics you need to make better business decisions

2. You get to establish a relationship with us and figure out if you would like to move on to phase 3 services before making a larger investment.


Possible Outcomes:

  • Easy to read Lease Operating Statements so you can understand which wells are making money.
  • Cash Flow per well
  • Capital Expenditure reports
  • Downtime data


$30,000 – $50,000

Phase 3:

The remainder of the build

Based on the success of the first 2-3 reports we’ve built for you, many of our clients decide to proceed further and add additional reports to the list. With your guidance, we’ll determine which reports will have the most impact on your business and deliver the most benefit.


Possible Outcomes:

Additional reports not built in phase 2.

Approximate Cost

Up to $100,000

Oil and Gas Data Analytics Reports

What types of reports can we help you build?

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