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Lack the time or skills to bring your plan to life? Velocity brings the technical and business expertise to move your projects farther, faster.
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We’ve stacked our team with a range of diverse personnel so your team gets the exact expertise you need. With Velocity, you get an expert who has implemented the solution you need before, without the commitment of hiring another full-time employee.

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If you’re tired of emailing static spreadsheets or PDFs around, we can use a modern BI tool like Power BI or Spotfire to provide consistent, up-to-date reports from the CEO to the pumper.

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Most companies use giant spreadsheets to accrue, QC, and eventually book revenue to an ERP. By leveraging the data integration and reporting features of something like Power BI, Spotfire, or Tableau, you can reduce the labor and delay associated with those workflows on top of sources like PDS, EnergyLink, engineering forecasts, and bank statements.

Get automated notices out to the people that matter when accounts payable or accounts receivable start to age. There’s no reason to manually pull queries and email reports around – a modern BI tool can consistently put that information into the inbox of the right employee at the right time.



Stop generating spreadsheets for lease expirations, renewal payments, and shut-in payment schedules. Build reports directly on your underlying datasets, tied to other systems like Accounting and Production for consistent, repeatable workflows that let you focus on building the asset.

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Give your team access to the data they need to determine HBP lease status – which wells are tied to which leases and when did they last produce in paying quantities? Stitch your land data together with the LOS statement and the latest production data to ensure you know where you stand.


Production Engineering

Streamline your workflows around identifying workover candidates and performing lookbacks. Integrate data from production allocation, accounting, and wellbore information to determine which wells can give the most uplift. Conduct screening economics, then look back to previous workovers to ensure your program is delivering.

Bring production allocation, budget/forecast, and SCADA data together to speed up routine surveillance and find more opportunities. Make it easier to find underperforming wells and ensure the right ones are on the priority list each day.

One of the highest ROI data projects an operator can do is to automatically load contract-hour SCADA data into a production allocation system like Merrick or Prodview. Get your pumpers out of the data entry business and redirected to the stuff only they can do, like optimizing production and finding cost savings.

Data QC on production allocation tools like P2 Merrick often requires dozens of SQL queries and specialized reports. By using Spotfire or Power BI, analysts, engineers, and foremen can get a quick view each morning of data quality issues.


Reservoir Engineering

Running an economic drilling program requires constant attention to whether or not you’re hitting AFE. But calculating actual ROIs usually requires blending data from multiple sources, like Accounting, Reserves, field estimates, and price decks. Simplify that work by connecting to the various sources from a single system, enabling accurate, timely lookbacks for the organization.

Streamline workflows like error checking and building management presentations by skipping the Excel spreadsheets and reporting straight off of the underlying database in a modern BI tool. Use cases like A&D and reserves reporting are faster, cleaner, and more reliable with good visibility into the results of each run.

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Traditional Rate Transient Analysis tools like IHS Harmony and Kappa Topaze are powerful and robust, but often overkill for rapid workflows like A&D and Reserves. Enable screening RTA workflows for large numbers of wells in far less time than the traditional tools allow.