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Oil and Gas Data Analytics

Get your data into the hands of the people who need it.

Create automated operations reports and free accounting staff from manual spreadsheets.

Does this scenario sound familiar? Your engineers need a lease operating statement to analyze the economics of an oilfield. As a company, you are tracking the data in Excel, but in order to put together a comprehensive LOS, you’ll need your accounting department to step in. But they’ve got other things to do this week and won’t be able to get you the report for several weeks.

This is where Velocity Insight steps in. By building standard reports that are easy to access, get your data into the hands of the people who need it when they need it. Without delay and without frustration.

Data analytics in oil and gas, small to midsize oilfield companies.

Why not build reports in-house?

Data analytics in oil and gas, small to midsize oilfield companies.
Specialized expertise with years of experience

Most small to mid-size oilfield operators are still using Excel or Spotfire to track most of their data. Even talented in-house employees are still likely to spend hours of time each week organizing your data and pulling out the information you need. By working with Velocity Insight, you pay more up-front to organize your data and make it easy to manage, but dramatically reduce your long-term costs by freeing up the time of your full-time employees. This frees up your engineers’ time to focus on your oil wells, not software programs.

Oil and Gas Data Analytics Options

Why not utilize specialized oilfield software?

While many oilfield software promises to solve all your data needs, there are a couple of downsides.

  1. They are proprietary and all your analyses will be lost if you ever decide to stop using the software. With Velocity Insight, you own your own data.
  2. You typically pay a monthly subscription fee. While this may initially seem cheaper, over the course of several years, it adds up.
  3. You can’t create custom reports. Want specialized information to be included in the report? Too bad, the software can only handle standardized data.

With Velocity Insight, you always own your data. We use commonly accessible tools, like Microsoft BI to create reports with the exact information you need. You pay for our service with an upfront fee and then you own the report indefinitely.

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