Lease Operating Statement

LEase Operating Statement

Understand which wells are making money and why

Accountings, Landmen, Engineers, Pumpers, and Executives all need to have an accurate understanding of which wells are making money, and why. Static, painfully large spreadsheets aren’t the solution. Whether your Accounting system is Bolo, OGsys, Wolfepak, or others, you can use Microsoft Power BI to put consistent, accurate data into the hands of your whole organization, cost-effectively.

How does it work?

And why do I need it?

The Velocity Insight Lease Operating Statement dashboard template is built to be automatically updated based on your live Accounting data. No more wondering which spreadsheet is the correct one – just go to the one published in your secure Power BI workspaces. Includes features like switching between Gross and Net, Service Date and Accounting Date, and drilling down to individual transaction details.


We work with you to define your Chart of Accounts and build out the connections in a way that makes sense. No two E&P companies are the same, so we help you define the right categories and well groupings that will make sense to your team. We’ll help you integrate the other relevant systems like well data from ARIES/PHDWin or invoices from OpenInvoice or DocVue.


Can be configured for any Accounting system from Bolo (via Welland), OGsys, Enertia, Excalibur, Quorum, Wolfepak, etc.
Get your Accounting team back to doing Accounting and deliver accurate data to the whole organization
Allows easy filtering/slicing of your data by pad, field, well, or any other property table metric
Integrate with other systems like ARIES or OpenInvoice

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We’ll discuss your company size and application.


Based on your needs, see customized pricing below.


VI helps you connect to your data and use the tool.


Since every company has its own nuances, we charge a low fixed fee for the template, then work with you to configure the template to your system. Fixed fees range from $10k to $40k based on company size, plus Time and Materials to customize for your environment. Reach out to start building a Scope of Work and get a full cost estimate!

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