Land Data QC and Dashboards

Land Data QC and Dashboards

Interpret Land data quicker and more effectively

Landmen and management want customized reports based on company needs. Business intelligence tools can eliminate the filtering, parsing, and combining of separate spreadsheets by streamlining the reporting process. Based on decades of land expertise, Velocity Insight has developed a Land dashboard that uses Microsoft Power BI to bring the most important information forward. Our tool enables you to make better, more informed decisions.

How does it work?

And why do I need it?

The Velocity Insight land dashboard template is a visual and numerical automated tool that saves time in acreage reporting, property evaluations and building management presentations. The tool eliminates risk in the reporting process by replacing error-prone manual methods with automated database checks.


When you are under time and pressure constraints, this tool helps increase accuracy in acreage reporting and saves staff time by automatically calculating and formatting key outputs to help call attention to errors made in the database input process. Automating your common reporting makes land management easier, faster, and more reliable.



Customizable to quickly connect to any Land data source


Present KPI’s about your land position including acreage count, working interest vs. net revenue interest comparison, and bonus and rental analyses


Allow easy filtering/slicing of your data by drillblock, field, county, or any other property metric


Serve as a template that can be easily tailored to your specific company or use case

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For a limited time, we’re offering this tool to beta testers at a significant discount.  During the beta test period, we’ll be soliciting feedback from users to improve and streamline our tool further.  At the end of the beta period, all beta testers will receive an updated version of the tool that incorporates the improvements made during the beta test period.

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0-2 users $10K – 75% discount for the first few participants

3-9 users $20K

10+ users $40K

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