About Us

Welcome to Velocity Insight

Data nerds + oil and gas expertise

Velocity Insight is a team of engineers, geologists, information technologists, accountants, and others who spent decades sitting inside Oil and Gas operating companies large and small. Through that experience, we recognized the need firsthand for real, cross-functional transformation to make companies better. With these trophies (and scars), Velocity Insight was born.  

One team.

All the pieces of the project puzzle.

Our multi-disciplinary team represents the various engineering, IT, and financial disciplines it takes to create a robust business intelligence data solution. Our experience building these in-house solutions gives us the practical knowledge and project management skills other firms lack.

Core Values

Work with a company you enjoy.

As you get to know Velocity Insight, you will learn we are curious,we like to build solutions, and trust is our currency. But at our core, we believe in confidentiality, building value, collaboration, and fun!

two people collaborating while sitting on bean bag chairs


We are the best when we leverage the experience and expertise of each individual. Partnership is at the core of this collaboration.

build value

Build Value

We believe in finding high ROI wins for our clients, building value for us both.

security and confidentiality

Confidentiality and security are non-negotiable

We are invited into the most confidential spaces. Security and confidentiality in how we do business and build solutions is how we earn trust over and over again.

two people having fun playing ping pong

If it ain't fun, it ain't worth it

Tell jokes, laugh, use dorky acronyms. Apologize when you mess up and accept apologies when sincerely given. Life’s too short not to enjoy your job.

Meet our Growing Team

Diverse skills, common purpose.


Just like the geography of oil, our team is deep and wide in our capabilities.
We’d love to meet you in person to talk shop, but in the meantime, meet a few of our rockstars.

Zack Warren

Founder and Managing Partner

After 16 years as a reservoir engineer at oil and gas companies from supergiants to private pure-plays, Zack moved into data analytics while leading an in-house analytics team at an E&P. Building off this experience, Zack founded Velocity Insight to help companies make faster decisions by understanding and leveraging their data thru efficient and effective practices, workflows, and solutions. Ask him about his 300-horsepower station wagon.

Michael Hirsch

Engagement Manager

Michael brings over 16 years of Petroleum Engineering experience in reservoir characterization, development planning, and field surveillance in in multiple basins including the DJ, Uinta, Permian, and Gulf of Mexico. He is recognized for planning and optimizing full-life-cycle field development for multiple fields under primary, secondary, and tertiary recovery including waterflood and CO2 flood, as well as implementing and managing SEC compliant reserves.   Michael’s success in his roles and project is born from his ability to improve, expedite, and automate traditional oil and gas industry processes so that better decisions can be made more quickly.

Clint Vallandingham, Azure Solutions Architect Consultant

Clint Vallandingham

Azure Solutions Architect Consultant

Clint is an engineer at heart with a passion for data. He brings experience in all things data including data analytics, data warehousing, data science, master data management, data governance, business intelligence, statistics, data modeling, integration, and visualization. Clint has a recent focus on cloud computing and modern data warehousing, data analytics and data science solutions with professional experience delivering these solutions in the O&G industry leading both onshore and offshore teams.

Andrea Switzer

Senior Operations Technology Advisor Consultant

Ms. Switzer has 10 years of immersive field and office experience in Operations and Data Analytics aiding in streamlining decision-making using transparent and reliable data. Through a spirit of continuous improvement, she optimized planning and operational workflows by constructing pointed dashboards that allowed for previously manual data to be visible throughout the organization with ease.

Haley Busche

Senior Business Intelligence Consultant

With a healthy appetite for efficient processes, Haley’s experience in development planning support, business analysis, data visualizations and corporate reserves reporting is the perfect complement to the VI team. She has worked in multiple basins including the DJ, San Juan, and Eagle Ford basins. Haley is acknowledged for asset evaluation, business process optimization, as well as implementing and managing SEC compliant reserves. She is also the best Colorado ambassador you can find as she is an expert in what the state has to offer: hiking, paddle boarding and craft breweries.

Hunter Kennedy

Senior Land & Revenue Consultant

Mr. Kennedy brings over 17 years of land management experience. He has spent several years on staff with E&P companies building and managing drilling projects. Most recently he has managed land and division order departments for large-scale mineral and royalty acquisition firms. A Midland native, his experience has never strayed far from the Permian Basin. Mr. Kennedy thrives on transforming land departments from chaos to efficiency using the “teach a man to fish” mantra.

Rob Selover

Data Scientist Consultant

Mr. Selover is a technical Geo-Computing expert with 15+ years of expertise in leveraging cutting-edge geospatial & analytical techniques in combination with industry-standard software tools to yield actionable insights into reservoir management & development strategies. Mr. Selover is a Geologist by background with a strong understanding of the technological and analytical support needs of clients.  He is seasoned in a variety of industry products such a Petra, Petrel, Kingdom, Techlog and ArGIS, Well View, ProdView and Aries. Fun fact: Rob’s high school band The Fallstars is available on all major streaming platforms.

John Witucki

Senior Landman Consultant

Working with small and large independent operators over his 20-year career, John brings experience with acquisition and divestitures. Key to his success is communication and overseeing all things Land from evaluations and negotiations to business development. John understands agreements from the courthouse to the well pad and is excited to provide clients with data management and analytics tools to help eliminate errors and make better decisions faster.

Tess Warner

Business Manager Consultant

Contracts, operations, and problems are Tess’ specialty. She is driven to support both clients and VI consultants with contractual agreements, customer relations, and operational decision-making with the highest level of support and efficiency. Her unique and varied background informs her work in surprising ways – she has worked as an aerospace contracts manager, pharmacy technician, dog trainer, and veterinary practice manager, and it turns out teaching humans is not so different from teaching dogs.

Rebecca Deck

HR Manager Consultant

With over 15 years of O&G Human Resources experience, Rebecca speaks our language and helps VI with talent acquisition, hiring compliance, onboarding, HR special projects, compliance and best practices, policy and procedure development, employee relations, and intern relations. Rebecca prides herself on being socially responsible and doing what is best for both the Organization and incumbents alike. Her philosophy is seen outside her work in HR as a fitness coach working to bring options to real people.