Oil Well Production Surveillance

Production Surveillance Report

Customize reports to easily monitor oil and gas production data.

Production surveillance is the lifeblood of any E&P Company. An accurate production surveillance report helps you understand what wells contribute to profits and losses, where production has changed recently, which wells are down and why, and how to optimize. Most oil and gas companies spend more time on production surveillance than any other task. Velocity Insight helps small to mid-sized oil and gas and midstream companies create accurate reports from their existing data to help your leadership answer the questions that result in better decision-making and maximize the return on your capital investments. 

Velocity Insight’s custom oil well production surveillance report helps you quickly answer common questions by building on top of your existing software.


Which wells are currently profitable?


How much oil are we producing?


Which wells are shut-in today? Why?


Which wells are producing less than usual?


When was the last well test?


Which wells haven’t met their targets?


Where are we losing money?

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How does it work?

Velocity Insight is a data management and analytics consulting firm that helps move, store, QC, and visualize your data.

Our data experts work with your team to build on top of your existing tech stack, including:

  • Field Insights
  • PHDWin
  • Enertia
  • Bolo
  • Merrick
  • and others.

Each of our reports is customized to fit your exact needs and can be modified to highlight the key performance indicators most important to you. The result is instantaneous data to help you make better decisions.

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Why do I need it?


Make better decisions in less time, without waiting on data requests to other departments or exporting data from software to Excel

Answer questions about downtime, well tests, and lifting costs before you even knew to ask
Empower lease operators to problem solve on the fly with actionable insights.
Leverage production, accounting and budget/reserves data together in one report.

Eliminate manual analysis and get the answers you need quickly. Velocity Insight has built our sample production surveillance reports specifically for the oil and gas industry based on decades of experience in production, operations and reservoir engineering.

Reduce staff time creating manual reports.

Your engineers’ time doesn’t come cheap. Why pay them to log into multiple systems to pull down data, organize it in a spreadsheet, reformat the exports, and QC before they have the information they need to make an engineering decision? Why are some employees busy making a monthly summary for management when they could be driving value? Instead, Velocity Insight can build reports that gives management an app on their phone with the same information updated daily.

Get the most up-to-date information.

Our oil well production surveillance dashboards update multiple times per day, pulling the latest information from your accounting, production and reserve system data.

Help lease operators prioritize their schedules.

By 5 a.m., our production surveillance dashboard provides lease operators with information about which wells are down and which are producing less than expected. Help your lease operators be more efficient, and help drive value

Oil and gas production surveillance

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We’ll start by talking about your company needs and existing software.



Then we’ll customize our production surveillance template based on your price range and needs.



Finally, VI helps you connect to your data and trains you to use the tool. 

About Velocity Insight

Velocity Insight is a full-stack, full-function data management and analytics consulting firm. We’re not a software company – we help you get the most out of the tools you already pay for.

We combine three things to enable durable data transformations with our clients: deep O&G expertise, state-of-the-art tools, and real-world experience. With hard-earned oil and gas industry knowledge and experience digging in and implementing better processes, we have the trophies (and scars) to successfully meet our clients where they are.


Since every company has its own nuances, we charge a low fixed fee for the template, then work with you to configure the template to your system. Fixed fees range from $20k to $100k based on company size, plus Time and Materials to customize for your environment. Reach out to start building a Scope of Work and get a full cost estimate!

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