CapEx Data QC

Oil and Gas CAPEX Data Template

Review cost coding accuracy with ease.

The entire organization relies on accurate cost data and manual reviews can be grueling. Velocity Insight’s team used their operational accounting knowledge to develop a dashboard to quickly view CapEx spend and easily visualize coding inconsistencies. This QC process can lead to more accurate accruals, cleaner JIB statements, a refined budget process, and less noise in the data.

Velocity Insight’s custom CAPEX QC Data report leads to:


More accurate accruals


Cleaner JIB statements


A refined budget process


Less noise in the data

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How does it work?

Velocity Insight is a data management and analytics consulting firm that helps move, store, QC, and visualize your data.  Our CAPEX QC report helps you find coding errors for billing. By understanding your partner, well and tracking codes, you can easily spot discrepancies, find missed billing opportunities and see when costs don’t make sense.
Easily compare live accounting and well data

The Velocity Insight CapEx Data QC dashboard is designed to automatically update with live accounting and well data. No more spreadsheets with infinite rows of GL transactions – just go to one published Power BI workplace or Spotfire dashboard. Review spend at any level; Pad, well, account, vendor date and be able to easily drill through to General Ledger transaction detail.

Automate CAPEX QC with a Report Customized to you

Automated refresh eliminates the risk of manual errors that can occur when exporting and combining spreadsheets for review, saving you time and resources. We understand that every E&P company is different and each department within a company has a different perspective on how to visualize data because we’ve worked in those departments.  Our customized reports better meet the specific needs of your business.



Configurable for any accounting and well database system (ie. Bolo (via Welland), Ogsys, WellEZ, Wellview, etc)


Streamline coding analysis to quickly identify coding issues


Allows easy filtering/slicing by pad, well, vendor, or account code


Integrate with other systems like OpenInvoice to view invoices

Oil and gas CAPEX Data QC

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We’ll start by talking about your company needs and existing software.



Then we’ll customize our CAPEX data QC template based on your price range and needs.



Finally, VI helps you connect to your data and trains you to use the tool. 

About Velocity Insight

Velocity Insight is a full-stack, full-function data management and analytics consulting firm. We’re not a software company – we help you get the most out of the tools you already pay for.

We combine three things to enable durable data transformations with our clients: deep O&G expertise, state-of-the-art tools, and real-world experience. With hard-earned oil and gas industry knowledge and experience digging in and implementing better processes, we have the trophies (and scars) to successfully meet our clients where they are.


Since every company has its own nuances, we charge a low fixed fee for the template, then work with you to configure the template to your system. Fixed fees range from $20k to $100k based on company size, plus Time and Materials to customize for your environment. Reach out to start building a Scope of Work and get a full cost estimate!

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