2021 TIBCO NOW Takeaways

October 6, 2021
Limitless Now

Velocity Insight attended the virtual 2021 TIBCO Now conference last week.

Part of the event was free with your TIBCO log in, and it is still available for streaming up to the end of the month. Several of the presentations have been posted to YouTube and the TIBCO community as well. After about a decade of using TIBCO’s Spotfire in various analytical roles, this was my (Jessie’s) first time attending the annual conference. Here are some key thoughts on the presentations.

Key Takeaway:

The full TIBCO offering is huge. There’s a lot there. More than this Production Engineer was prepared for. The family of product offerings within TIBCO has expanded at a rabbit-pace. It’s mind boggling. Several services have been developed through TIBCO Labs with collaboration between TIBCO and customers, especially around IoT and cloud capabilities.  Velocity Insight has talked about this overwhelming offering issue in The Microservice Maze.  Much of this push by TIBCO has been to “democratize data science” and get more people in an organization consuming and analyzing data, but there is still a maze-worth of products.

Other Takeaways and Themes:


Heavy emphasis on IoT and pushing analytics live onto the edge.

The TIBCO offerings hep you build your data process streams to get real-time data through the cloud and into your analytical tools like Spotfire. Several presentations discussed AI and machine learning on live streams of data in a variety of industries. This presentation by Michael O’Connell and Adam Faskowitz did a demo on human enhanced machine learning for anomaly detection that can be turned into real time. Can this apply to artificial lift and production data to catch and diagnose downtime faster?


The Cloud is changing the game…again.

The Cloud is making larger and larger data sets more and more accessible and moving it faster and faster. Unfortunately, not all oil and gas locations have access to great 5G service.


Python and analytics can be more accessible.

Spotfire Mods and Data Science additions make Python and analytics more accessible to the common user. Spotfire Mods are no-code analytics apps and visualizations. TIBCO Data Science is a TIBCO community developing and sharing Python and R analytics. This presentation by Colin Gray demonstrates using them in tandem for analyzing data.  Maybe the well spacing and frac design questions can finally be answered.

Overall, TIBCO has offerings to rival the Big 3: Amazon, Google, Azure; however, they’ve designed their services to be software agnostic and can integrate across party lines. I believe Spotfire still offers a strong analytical platform for the Oil and Gas industry, and taking advantage of the TIBCO community makes it even stronger.

Next year’s TIBCO Now conference is in-person in Las Vegas. That’s extra temptation to attend again. Maybe Velocity Insight will see you there.


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