2023 Velocity Insight E&P Software Survey

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Get Real Data

Velocity Insight is reprising our software survey for 2023! We’re polling clients and industry friends to continue developing our understanding of trends in oil and gas software. We’re working to help our clients understand things like cloud adoption and the durability of legacy software. We look forward to comparing and contrasting with the results of the 2021 study.

This should take less than 5 minutes.

Once we’ve got the data compiled and interpreted, we’ll send a report out to everyone who submitted answers so that you can benchmark your own organization against your competitors.  Multiple responses per company are *encouraged* since it’s hard for any one person to know everything happening at a company.

How we’ll use this

All individual responses will be anonymized.  All reporting will be consolidated to the company level and its peers using categories like company size, location, and equity structure.  We won’t ever share individual responses – only aggregated data that summarizes multiple companies.

Get Started.

We’ve already published the results of the 2023 survey, but we’d love to include your data in the next round.