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capital tracker

Fuse disparate CAPEX tracking systems into one secure, transparent dashboard.

Accountants, planning teams, engineers and executives all require access to capital spend information to analyze a project’s planned vs. actual cost. Bringing the source information into one connected and real-time dashboard reduces the need for spreadsheets with stale data and offers transparency to key stakeholders across the company. With the ability to combine accounting systems such as Bolo and OGSys to WellEZ or Wellview as well as AFENav and ARIES into one dashboard, Velocity Insight can build a tool to ease accounting pain points, streamline accruals, and optimize CAPEX spend reviews.

How does it work?

And why do I need it?

The Velocity Insight Capital Tracker dashboard template is designed to automatically update with your live accounting, field estimates and AFE data. Features include the ability to see AFE vs. Actual vs. Field Estimate at both a campaign view down to an individual well’s accounting subcode with the drill-through capability to see straight to each transaction detail and a link to their associated electronic invoice.


Each step is fully customizable to ensure that the dashboard brings you and your team the insights they need with just a few clicks.  Our clients say that this dashboard provides clarity to easily uncover and investigate coding or field input errors as well as reduce the manual time crunch on lookbacks and reporting for each project and month end.



Configurable for any accounting, AFE, and well database system (ie. Bolo (via Welland), Ogsys, AFENav , WellEZ, Wellview, etc.)


Bring transparency and insight between accounting, engineering, management and planning for current and future projects.


Allows easy filtering/slicing by project type, campaign, pad, well, vendor, account code or any other property table metric


Integrate with other systems like ARIES or OpenInvoice & fully customizable to meet your needs

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Since every company has its own nuances, we charge a low fixed fee for the template, then work with you to configure the template to your system. Fixed fees range from $10k to $40k based on company size, plus Time and Materials to customize for your environment. Reach out to start building a Scope of Work and get a full cost estimate!

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